We watched ”The Voire Dire Project 4.0 : The Photography Cycle” at Medicine Show Theater

By Kapetan Kounoupis

My next mission was in the U.S.A. , particularly in Manhattan, at a very rainy Sunday, to watch “The Voire Direct Project 4.0: The Photography Cycle”. Very off-Broadway, several blocks from Times Square away, on 549 West 52nd Street, on the third floor, is the Medicine Show Theater, where the performance was taking place.

When I arrived, thankfully in time, at the foyer of the small, but very welcoming theatre, we were greeted with bagels with cream cheese and jam. The play began punctually.

The plot is that of four different stories: In the first, two women, dressed as men, are trying to break in the men’s rooms at Penn Station, where only males are allowed, to find the father of one of them.

In the second one, a woman named Josie Divine, beaten by her boyfriend, is having conversations with her conscience before entering her next reincarnation.

In the third one, we are watching a feud between two girls both claiming to be a girl named Amanda Palmer.

And in the fourth one, once again in an after-life-state, a woman is assigned Guardian of the Field 6832, without knowing what to begin with it. Partly Vaudeville, partly rather Stanislavskian in their acting, all four one-acts have something in common: They are dealing with cosmic, transcendental matters, and you can’t help coming out of the theatre, feeling that you have been healed.

Although all four of them were a delight to watch, I found especially hilarious the attempt of the two women to break into the men’s room (“Why do men’s rooms have no doors?”) in the first one-act, and the ending of the fourth one filled with intense emotions. Each one-act was based on a photo. And even though the idea per se is not at all unknown to me, the concept of it still remains unique, inventive and imaginative.

My readers in Greece know that I am relatively severe critic and that I am in favor of experimental and innovative theater only when I see hard work done. And I did see that work here. Very clear in their enunciation, their articulation and their gestures, focused on their roles and what they were trying to convey to the audience, all of the actors gave their best. I found the costumes very professionally made. The stage decor showed us, once more, that you can do a lot with a few things. The music was heart-melting. And, in addition, the sound by Maria Olon Tsaroucha gave the extra undertone to make it all more realistic. All in all, the walk until there was worth it.

Don’t miss it!

Playing: Kendra Agustin, Cheryl Bear, Glenora Blackshire, Katherine Elliot, Amy Fulgham*, Beth Griffith, Lori Sinclair Minor*, Jane Rubinsky, Susan Skosko *

* Members: Actors’ Equity Association

Medicine Show Theater 549 West 52nd Street Manhattan, New York

Days and Hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., Sunday at 3 p.m. until May 19th

Tickets: https://www.artful.ly/cosmicorchid-vdp4-0https://www.facebook.com/cosmicorchid/photos/a.600206363450942/1365040063634231/?type=3

Donations: https://www.fracturedatlas.org/s…/FiscalSponsorship/profile…

Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1182882615202317/

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